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Beiruti and Yokoso are two hip catering concepts where quality, a customer-oriented approach and a raise-the-bar mentality is the standard. Beiruti serves real Lebanese cuisine, while Yokoso conjures up quick, fresh sushi.

The Purples, the company behind Beiruti and Yokoso, already operates two locations of both concepts. The ambitious team will soon even start a third brand: Lombardi's Pizza.


The story behind The Purples begins with a dishwasher in Abu Dhabi who aspires to become CEO. Nehme Darwiche wants to throw conventions overboard and become a top entrepreneur.


When the paths of Nehme and the equally ambitious Caroline Delbecque cross, not only a couple is formed, but also an entrepreneurial tandem. Together they decide to come to Ghent and start building a series of hospitality and catering concepts.

why invest



Beiruti Gent 

Nehme and Caroline saw Lebanese food gaining popularity, but lacked authenticity in many concepts. That is why they decided to set up their own Lebanese restaurant: Beiruti serves the real Lebanese cuisine.

The restaurant can be found in the Ghent Voldersstraat, a side street of the Veldstraat. Where there were originally 30 seats, Beiruti Ghent now has more than 140.

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-28 om 12.19.16.png
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Beiruti Brussel 


Yokoso Gent

The growth is not limited to the expansion of capacity in Ghent: Brussels also got its Beiruti branch, in the Sint-Katelijnestraat near "De Beurs".

Fast, fresh and customized. Those are the 3 key words of the Yokoso sushi concept. Once again Nehme and Caroline set the quality bar very high with their sushi bar. Just like Beiruti, the Ghent Yokoso is located in the Voldersstraat.

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-28 om 12.15.11.png


Yokoso Mechelen

When the concept proved to work, the couple opened a second branch in Mechelen, a stone's throw from the Grote Markt.

“All our brands revolve around quality, a customer-oriented experience and challenging standards. We already have the next concept ready: with Lombardi's we want to open a pizza restaurant in February. Once again we choose Ghent for the first location.”   – Nehme Darwiche, co-founder The Purples

Our Track Record



Nehme Darwiche and Caroline Delbecque are the lead duo behind The Purples. Together they manage the various concepts of the company, and they are also involved in the hotel business. The term serial entrepreneurs is therefore made for them.

A team of project managers, marketers, accountants... The restaurants themselves are mainly staffed by student workers. This gives The Purples a team of about 25 full-time equivalents.

“We strongly emphasize our corporate culture. We work with people who do not accept the standard and want to perform better. We celebrate our heroes.”


– Caroline Delbecque, co-founder The Purples

Our Ambitons


€ 500


€ 5000


Now that The Purples' concepts are growing, the company wants to invest in efficiency and optimisations. For example, investments in machines for rice, hummus, dough and cutting vegetables are planned.

For this, The Purples is looking for a minimum of €100,000 and a maximum of €200,000 via WinWinner. You can invest through:



This is a subordinated loan with 1.50% annual gross interest + 2.50% annual tax credit on the outstanding amount, 30% guarantee on the outstanding amount, term of 5 years. Annual payment.


This is a standardized subordinated loan with 7% annual gross interest, term of 4 years, annual repayment with one year of capital deferral. Since The Purples qualifies for the withholding tax exemption, the gross yield of the crowd loan is also the net yield. Discover the conditions for this measure on this page..


How To Invest
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