Zenchef Yokoso Mechelen

Go to www.zenchef.com in your browser

Login: dine@yokososushi.eu password: Yokoso2800

This will be the dashboard when you open zenchef

ZENBOOK (in red circle) will be the page you need to do everything, like see reservations and make changes to bookings or bookable tables.

Zenbook looks like this:

The first thing you see is an overview of the reservations. If you hover over the booked table or click on the name in the list you will find contact details from the booker.

There is an assignment preference (more below) but if you want to give them another table you can just click on the booked table and drag it to another one. In the upper left corner you can tab trough different days.


When you click on the settings sign (in red circle) you get everything you need to manage your bookings and restaurant. Please take a look around yourself, below you will find the most important things explained.

Under stock management you can find:

1. Shifts: here you set the opening times. If you have different opening times on different day’s you make several shifts.

2. Shift exceptions: here you can make a one time exception if the restaurant has different opening hours for any reason.

3. Fully booked: if you see there is a slot where you can take no more bookings for any reason you can make the restaurant fully booked here.

4. Rooms and tables: the different dining experiences, so you can add the Japanese table here if it is installed (NR 3 in picture below).

In each room you can edit the room and tables (NR 1) and form groups of tables you can book together (NR 2).

5. Assignment preferences: you can move the tables to the front or back in the row by click and drag

Under booking management you find everything to manage the booking, self explanatory.

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