Water - How to serve

After welcoming and seating the guest, ask them if they prefer still or sparkling water. Water glasses should already be at the table, clean and polished.

Make sure you know the 'ONLY WATER' concept of Beiruti, and the story of why we offer complementary water to our guests (to honor Nehme's grandmother). If you do not know these philosophies, ask your manager or revisit the courses on Innform.

As per sequence of service, water is served immediately when the guest is seated. In the case of a small table (1/2/3 people), ask the guests if they would prefer still or sparkling water after seating them. Using a tray, get the requested bottle of water and bring it to the guest. In the case of larger groups, bring both still and sparkling water as a standard.

Make sure the bottles are clean! Also check that sparkling water is still sparkling.

When placing the bottle on the table, place it so that the Beiruti Logo and the story of Teta are facing the guest. Explain that both still and sparkling water are offered complementary, and if the guest is interested tell them the story of Teta.

From here, you can open the conversation with the guest and explain the kitchen concept, the menu and how to order online.

During service, keep an eye out for empty water bottles, and always replace empty bottles with full ones.

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