The Red Kamado

The red kamado is mainly used to grill the Shish Taouk and the Mighty Kafta.



While opening the kitchen, the first thing to be done is the red kamado. The whole process should not take more than 15 minutes.

Every morning, the red kamado contains the unburnt coal from the day before, mixed with a good quantity of ash.

Start by removing the grid, put it aside and shove the coal, using the ash pan, to separate it from the ash. The ash will go down through the openings in the grate, into the plate under the coal.

Transfer the unburnt coal to a big GN container and keep below the red kamado.

Remove the ash collector and clean the remaining ash using the cleaning stick. Keep the ash in another GN container under the kamado and return the ash collector to its place.

Fill the kamado with plenty of coal and light some coal on fire using the stove.

While the coal is on fire, remove the "dual function metal top" and clean the upper outside part of the kamado using the "grill and oven cleaning spray”.

Transfer the combusted coals to the kamado. Keep it and the draft door (in the lower part) open until you have good, combusted coal.

Once the coal is combusted completely and there are no more flames in the kamado, close the draft door and the kamado to maintain the fire as long as possible.



Check the temperature of the kamado, it is possible to grill your food when it is in the range 200-250 ˚c. Always keep the kamado closed when grilling food so it will finish faster.

Always clean the grid using the brush, it is easy to remove the remaining of the grilled food when the grid is above the fire.



While closing the kitchen, close the kamado, close completely the draft door and return the dual-function metal top to its place on the kamado. In this way you stop the combustion and you will have the non-combusted coal and ash again in the morning.

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