The Oven - Teta kitchen

The oven is used to cook many types of food in Teta kitchen, so it’s an important part of the kitchen.



When opening the kitchen, always turn on the oven and preheat for 5 minutes. This way we make sure that the oven reaches the required heat before we start cooking.

To turn it on, press the on/off button. To start heating, press and hold the start/stop button.



For the operation of the oven, you always have the option of changing the time and the temperature.

To change the time, press the time button then go to the wheel. You can adjust the time up or down by just rotating the wheel in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Use the same method to change the temperature.

Note: changing the time or the temperature before starting makes the changes as default changes, i.e. if you set the temperature at 270 before starting, it will stay at 270 when you stop the oven. However, if you the temperature was 250 and you started the oven then increased it till 270, it will return to 250 when you stop the oven. Same for the time.



While closing the kitchen, the oven needs to be cleaned every day. Do this by pressing the cleaning button and then pressing start. The oven will start cleaning itself. Note that this whole process takes 25 minutes.

After 5 minutes the oven will make a beeping sound. Open the oven and spray oven and grill cleaner all over the inside.

Continue by closing the door, without pressing any button.

When the cleaning process is finished, turn off the oven using the on/off button.

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