Tarator Sauce - preparation

The mixer is used to prepare three elements of the teta kitchen: the chopped garlic for Battata Harra, the Tarator Sauce and the Garlic Sauce.

To start the mixer, press the green button. Use the red button to stop it. The wheel key controls the speed of the blade.

Always be sure that the pot is fixed in the right position and the blade is in there before putting anything, otherwise you will have to empty the pot, put the blade in and refill it again.

Make sure the cover is secured correctly, as shown in the picture.

Once all is done, you can now start the mixer normally. Note that if any of the mentioned parts is missing or not installed correctly, the mixer will not start.


Tarator Sauce is used for all types of falafel bowls and Mar'ouk.


20 cloves of garlic

2 litres of Tahin

1 tablespoon of salt

1 litre of Lemon Juice

500 - 700 ml water (the amount of water depends on the viscosity of the Tahin. If the Tahin is taken from a full container, it will be thin and need less water. If it is thick it will need the whole 700 ml water)

This recipe makes Tarator Sauce for 2 weekdays. On weekends, double the amounts.

Add all ingredients to the mixer except the water.

Start mixing until you are sure that the garlic is minced well.

Start adding the water from the top of the mixer. Always check the viscosity of the Tarator sauce. It must be neither thin nor thick. So, adjust that with the water. It must be stable on a spatula but easily shaped.

When the sauce is done, turn off the mixer and move the sauce to a suitable container. Keep it in the fridge until use.

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