Takeaway/delivery - how to prepare an order

During your shift in the Mezze kitchen, always keep an eye on the takeaway.

Once a takeaway ticket is received, it should be directly attached to a bag to be prepared. Immediately put bread and napkins inside the bag, proportionally to the order size.

Don´t forget to show some love to the guest by writing out their name and thanking them.

When you receive the corresponding boxes from the other kitchens, make sure to organize the inside of the bag:

- Separate hot dishes from cold ones

- Manaeesh and bread at the sides.

After the order is completed, double check its contents and make sure everything is inside. It is your responsibility to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Finally: close the bag properly and leave it aside waiting for the delivery person to come and pick it up.


In case of delivery:

The delivery person is here, let's give them the order!

First, if the person enters from the wrong door, kindly redirect them to the side door (only for Beiruti Brussels)

You welcome them with a big smile, keep in mind it is not an easy job they are doing outside.

Ask them to show you the name of the order, make sure to read it well.

Go to your orders and bring the one matching the name on the delivery person's device.

Before you give them the order, make sure that they confirm that the order has been received.

Once you see it done, you give the order and you wish the person good luck and a safe ride.


In case of guest pick up:

Welcome the guest warmly and ask for their name. Check your orders for the matching name. If their order is not yet ready, invite them to sit and offer some water or tea.

Confirm the contents of the order with the guest: 'You had ordered one Mana'eesh'/'You ordered the Ya Salam menu'... etc.

Make sure the order is complete and correct before giving it to the guest.

Wish the guest a nice day/evening and a pleasant meal!

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