Table Booker - register walk-in

A guest without reservation walks into the restaurant. How do you register them?

Always welcome the guest with a smile.

Open Table Booker on the screen in front of you.

Politely ask if they have a reservation or not.

If not you go to dashboard and you select “Walk-in”.

The system will automatically take the date of arrival, you will need to select the departure time.

Still you have to indicate the guests number and your name as the one adding the reservation.

After, you pick up a table for the guest from the free (green) tables.

If the guest has any special request you indicate it in the comment section.

At the end, don’t forget to save the reservation and wait to make sure it is completed.

At this level you are ready to direct the guest to her/his table.

You, or the person in charge in service, show the guest the table with a full open hand and a big smile on the face.