Table Booker - how to move reservations to tables

Sometimes we make change in tables in order to seat the guests in a more organized way, or the size of a group changes. Whatever the reason, we always use the system so that the team has the most up-to-date information.

This is why all staff should know how to use Table Booker, make reservations and change tables.

Open Table Booker and go to the reserved table that you want to change. Click 'edit tables'

Choose the new table you want to reserve for this booking and remove the old table by clicking them.

If the restaurant is fully booked and you want to move tables around, you can move the table to one of the Dummy tables. Then, you can switch the reservations using the now empty tables.

Click 'save' after any changes.

Go to the main page of Table Booker to check that the reservation is done correctly.

Especially if you are using Dummy tables, double check that all reservations are correcly placed on REAL tables. Otherwise another guest may book the remaining empty table, which means that we will have a double booking.

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