Soujouk - preparation and serving

Note: meats should be moved from freezer to fridge to defrost at least 12 hours before use.

Soujouk is a very famous Lebanese dish, made from veal meat (young cow). It is marinated with hot spices, giving it a special taste.

Soujouk is always prepared by Teta Kitchen. It should be served after the cold dishes (together with other Hot Mezze.

Soujouk should be cut into 2 pieces and put in the fridge upon request.


- Put some oil in a pan, then add the Soujouk.

- Cook for about 8 minutes. Add the tomato cubes to the Soujouk and leave it on the fire for 7 minutes until cooked through.

- Put the cooked Soujouk in bain-marie to keep hot.


We serve the Soujouk in a bowl decorated with a little cut parsley on top.