Shish Taouk - preparation and serving

Note: for all the meat used in the kitchens, check what you need for the next day and move it from the freezer to the fridge to defrost at least 12 hours in advance.

For Shish Taouk: we need 8-12 kg (4-6 containers) per day.

Start by putting Taouk pieces on the skewers. Fill them as much as possible. Put the pieces on the skewers through the length, not through the shorter side. This way it is easier to grill the Taouk.

Prepare as much as you need for the day and keep them in a GN container in the fridge.

Important note: make sure the container is shut well and not in contact with anything else in the fridge. Cross contamination with raw chicken is extremely dangerous and can cause a salmonella outbreak!

Once the Red Kamado is ready to be used, grill a good number of the Taouk skewers, and keep them in a GN container in the hot bath for later use. With the right temperature, Shish Taouk needs 10 minutes on the grill, turning halfway. Grilling it longer than necessary results in dry chicken, which is something we also need to avoid. However, grilling it shorter can result in raw chicken and possible food poisoning. So, be sure to time the Taouk carefully!



Once the Shish Taouk is ordered, prepare a bowl with

2 tomato slices

Pickled cucumber

1 tbsp of Garlic Sauce

Empty the skewer into the bowl and keep it hot under the red light until a server picks up the order.

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