POS - the basics

A good understanding of our POS (Point of Service) system is extremely important. We use it to organize our sales and orders, it allows us to forward orders from the guests to our kitchens including requests, it helps to organize our orders, to follow up our orders, control our stock, prepare invoices and keep track of revenue.

All team members have a personal code to log in to the POS system.

Make sure you know the following things very well:

- Our menus and how to enter them correctly in POS

- Methods of payments to close the invoice in the POS system

- How to do the financial reports on POS at the end of each working day

If after reading this SOP you are unsure of any of the above, ask your manager to explain it to you.


Entering an order into POS

- Enter your personal code to access the POS system

- Choose the table number

- Enter the number of guests

- Select the ordered items by categories (cold or hot beverage, cold or hot Mezze, Teta, Lana'eesh, Menus...)

- If there are any modifications or requests, press and hold the item and enter what you need to modify

- Before sending your order through, always carefully read it and check that it is correct and complete

Press the 'send' symbol to send the order to the sections involved.

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