Mudardara - Preparation and serving


This recipe makes 500 ml of Mudardara. This is enough for 1 weekday. On weekends, double all quantities.


One bowl of sliced onions

250 ml of lentils

250 ml of rice

2 tbsp of pomegranate molasses

1L of water

- In a pot on the stove, add the sliced onions with some oil and a tablespoon of salt. Stir for 2 minutes.

- In a GN container, wash the lentils. Add them to the onion and stir. Keep them on a low fire until the onions turn a light brown color.

- Wash the rice and add them to the mix. Add the pomegranate molasses.

- Add the hot water and lower the fire to the minimum.

- The mix will take 13 to 15 minutes to be cooked. If you aren't sure, check the water. Once it is fully evaporated the Mudardara is ready.

- Remove the pot from the fire and add olive oil.

- Leave the pot for 15 minutes before stirring. Stirring while hot will break the grains.

Transfer the Mudardara to a GN container and keep it in the hot bath until serving.



Once ordered, fill a bowl with a good quantity of Mudardara (fill the bowl approximately 80%).

Finish the bowl by adding a pinch of fried onion slices in the middle.

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