Mews - Missed Tasks

Mews is our reservation management system. It guides us through a guest's experience with us from start to finish. Here is how to work with Mews's missed tasks system.

On the homepage of Mews we find the missed tasks on the left

We want to close the tasks by pressing on the 3 dots on the side and close them.


Missed task 1: Pincode added

This task can be closed


Missed task 2: Person arrived tried to check in

1) We click on the icon in the “reservation’ column

2) The reason mews hasn’t automatically checked in is most likely because the room wasn’t on inspected

3) In the status tab, press the “make inspected” button

4) Press the “check in” button

Close the task


Missed task 3: Customer without email

1) Click on the icon in the ‘reservation’ tab

2) Check through which website they booked

3) Go to that website and try to contact the guest and ask for their email address

Add the emailadress to the guests Profile in mews under the ‘profile’ Tab

Close the task

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