Mews - Locking guests

Starting off

1) Go on 2) Click on the timeline Icon 3) Check all the guests WITHOUT a lock icon next to their name 4) Click on the names without lock, click on “Manage” in the window on the right that pops open.

5) Check through which agency the booking has been made, go to the according procedure






Origin: not a travel agency (distributor, commander email, telephone, message, website, in person, channel)

1) Check for messages 2) Click on the “Billing” Icon 3) Go to Dashboard, check which rate has been booked. 3a. If non- refundable (NRF, DNRF) or within 3 days of visit, go to billing, click charge and close, close the bill!!! 3b. If refundable (DIR,BAR) and more than 3 days until visit, go to “Payments”, click on “preauthorization” fill in the right amount (you can find it under billing) and click “create. 4) if the charge goes through and the payment says “charged” or the preauthorization says “chargeable, put a lock on the guest by sliding the bar to the right (see picture) 5) If the payment is pending or card is declined, call the guest to see what the issue is.




3) & 3a)