Mews - check out

general start

1) Go to the Mews homepage and click on “Remaining Departures” (if every departure took place it goes by the name "completed departures" like in the picture below but it is in the same place)

2) Every reservation that is NOT ready for checkout should be checked.

3) Check them by clicking on the “Billing” icon next to their name. The billing tab will open.


If open amount is €0.00

1) Reservation is okay, guest has paid. You can close the bill by clicking on “close”. A window will pop open where you have to press close again. (

2) If there are 2 bills open, one with the amount to be paid and the other with the same amount to be refunded, click on “move all items” for one of them and move it to the other one. The bill will be balanced and you can close.




If open amount is more than €0.00.

1) Check payments tab

1.1. If a payment card (booking virtual card, card in their name) is available, charge immediately. If payment goes through, close the bill. Everything is okay. If payment doesn’t go through, contact guest immediately! Make a note to find out what happened.




Booking through Airbnb

1) Payment Tab will be empty

2) Go to “Billing”, check if company assigned is Airbnb)

3) Issue an invoice. A window will pop up, click on issue invoice at the bottom.

4) Once the invoice is issued, move the bill to the correct hotel. Click on move all items, Sear for “PM Airbnb”, click on it when it pops up, put the bill in the correct hotel.


If booking through Agoda

1) Payments tab will be empty

2) Go to the Agoda bookmark.

3) Click on next when the email appears, then click on search.

4) Click on the correct hotel.

5) Go to “E-pass current transactions” at the top

6) Search for the name of the guest. Checkmark ONLY their booking in the “approve” column IMPORTANT!!!

7) Click on “submit” Click on next as necessary in the following windows as they appear

8) On the final window, a card number and expiration date will appear. Do NOT click on OK until you have done the following steps

9) Paste the number and fill in the expiration date (current month current year)

10) Once the card is added, charge and close the reservation.

11) Once the reservation is closed, click on the checkmark on the left, then click OK


3) & 4)


6) & 7)

8) & 11)