Mews - Cancel booking

Mews is our reservation management system. It guides us through a guest's experience with us from start to finish. Here is how to work with Mews to cancel a booking.

On the homepage of Mews we go to reservation overview, found in the top right.


Check whether the booking is refundable or non-refundable.

1) Search the name of the booking

2) Go to “Dashboard” tab

3) Check on the reservation

If it says NRF or DNRF, non-refundable

If it says DIR or BAR, it is refundable


Cancel for a non-refundable booking

1) Let the booking go through: collect payment by charging card that is available.

2) Search the booking, go to the “dashboard” tab and click on “Manage”

3) Go to the “Status” tab

4) Fill in the reason for cancellation

5) IF WE AGREED TO LET THEM USE THE MONEY AFTERWARD do not apply a cancellation fee

6) If the guest does not have a valid reason, apply cancellation fee


Cancel for refundable Booking

1) If the booking is more than 3 days out, cancel without costs

2) “Manage” the booking, go to the “status” tab

3 ) Fill in the reason for cancellation, do NOT apply cancellation fee

If the booking is within 3 days of happening, treat it like a non- refundable booking. See previous