Meeting in the Private Dining Room

How to prepare the private dining room for a meeting.

Check the reservation: make sure the table is set for the correct number of attendees.

Make sure the room is clean and proper.

Place the water and the oil in advance, before the reservation time.


Only one person will be responsible to take care of the table, including explaining the menu, taking the order, delivering the order and cleaning out the table.

Once the people are inside the room, ca 10 minutes should be given to prepare for the meeting.

Suggest one big menu: a Mabrouk for 5-6 people, or one Mabrouk and one Ya Salam for 8.

Only if the food is delivered while the meeting is ongoing, it is better not to explain the dishes. Otherwise treat them like VIP guests and explain the dishes while serving them.

The table should not be checked randomly, 3 times is enough: once to deliver the food, once to clean up the table and once to offer the desserts and the hot drinks.

Check the reservation: are there any comments regarding payment?

If the payment procedure was a specific prior request this should be taken in consideration. If not a normal BTW ticket should be given to person who pays.

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