How to serve a beverage order

Cold beverages

Once the order is sent by the guest through ask Emma, a small ticket will be printed out from the POS system. Your responsibility is to directly prepare the order on a tray.

Pick up the drinks from the fridge and add clean glasses. Prepare the order as per the small ticket, and give the BTW ticket to the guest.

Deliver the order to the guest using the tray.

Place the order at the guest's right hand side.

Make sure you don't interrupt the guests' conversation. Keep a distance until they notice your presence and then place the order on the table.

While serving drinks, do not forget to serve ladies and elderly guests first.


Hot beverages

Hot beverages use a similar procedure, except speed is more critical.

Hot drinks are often ordered as part of a menu.

So once you receive the ticket, it is always recommended to check with the guests whether they want the drink directly or after their meal. If they want it after their meal, Keep the drink ticket with you to make sure it is not forgotten. If they ordered the drink a la carte or wish to have it with their meal, serve the drink directly.

Once you prepare the hot beverage, the order should be placed on the table within less than one minute. A cold drink can really mess up a guest's experience, and the last impression is very important.

If you were momentarily distracted and the drink became cold, leave it. Contact your manager to list it as wastage and make a new one.

A sugar and a spoon is always added with the tea, same for coffee but also a cup of milk in addition.

While serving drinks, do not forget to serve ladies and elderly guests first.

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