How to answer the phone

Here are some of the basic standards we use when answering the phones in Guest Success.

There is no fixed script! Use your own personality and style to reply to guests. Try and find the balance between being professional yet personal. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, we all do. Learn from them for next time.


Picking up the phone

Be enthusiastic and cheerful, the guest must feel you want to help them.

Try and keep a smile on your face as you answer the call. The smile will transfer to your voice

Make sure to be able to differentiate between hotel phone, Beiruti phone and yokoso phone


During the call

Adjust your tone and demeanor to the guest.

- If the guest has a problem or bad experience, lower your voice

- If they want to thank you, make sure to thank them too. Be enthusiastic!

Try and make a connection with every caller. Empathize, use your own style but make them feel understood and match their energy.

When you ask a question to one of your colleagues, tell the caller you’re going to put them on mute for a second. Ask them if it’s okay.

If you tell them you’re going to call back, try and do it as fast as possible. The guest will feel appreciated and important.


Ending the call

Be respectful. Thank the guest for their time, understanding, compliment.

Do not try and rush to end the call. We are a guest centric company. Guests always take precedence!

Make sure the guest feels satisfied as the call ends. Either with a promise of a return call, a solution/ reply to their inquiry or just having had a pleasant call.