Green Falafel - preparation

Note: this recipe has a long preparation time. Please prepare well in advance and keep in freezer until needed


1 kg Chickpeas

1 kg Dry Beans

1 packet of Parsley

1 packet of Coriander

1 packet of Mint

4 Onions

8 cloves of Garlic

40 gr of Falafel Peppers

1 tbspoon of Salt

2 tbspoons of Carbon Sodium

2 litres of Sunflower Oil


- Soak the chickpeas and dry beans in water for 12 hours.

- Put 2 onions in the mixer, add parsley, mint, coriander and garlic and mix well.

- Add chickpeas and beans to the vegetables.

- Add salt, falafel peppers and carbon sodium and mix very well.

After mixing, put the falafel dough in a pot for at least 1 hour before you start cooking it.

Use the Falafel Tool to make falafel balls.

Fry the balls in hot oil at 180°C

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