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Student/Flexi Graphic Designer (v/m)

Our company is a result of our passion for Hospitality. Providing our guests with an unforgettable experience in both our hotels and restaurants is what we do it for. With our different concepts, there is a wide choice of top products for everyone. Together with a close-knit team, we make the best possible!


You will help design logos for our new concepts or refine current ones where necessary.

Collaborate on our unique brand identity

Do we need new designs for our packaging? You work something out.

Our website needs a breath of fresh air? Unleash your ideas!

You can quickly find your way around databases and make appropriate selections.


Who are we looking for?

A creative designer with fresh and sparkling ideas! As a passionate student, you are eager to turn your knowledge into real design. You are super creative and, depending on the type of business, can quickly sense what is appropriate.

Required knowledge:

Working with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

Plus point: if you have knowledge of Figma and/or Motion Graphics (After Effects)

You can work at least 2 days a week. More possible for you? Definitely welcome!


You will be part of a young and dynamic team

As a student in an innovative working environment, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow a lot

Depending on your class schedule, we will try to offer a full schedule as much as possible

With us, you can do a long-term student job

Our offices are easily accessible

Feeling itchy? Then apply quickly!


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