Dessert - how to serve

There are two ways for guests to order dessert:

- Directly ordering from dessert selection

- Included in a menu

Start serving dessert only after the guest has finished eating their cold & hot dishes.

First, ask the guest if they would like to take their leftovers and if so, provide them with take away boxes. If the guest has not ordered dessert already, ask them if they would like to.

Once they finish packing their food the table should be fully cleaned. Dishes, paper, bread... everything should be removed from the table. Clean the table with a microfiber if necessary.

Dessert is served on two types of plates:

- Halawe is served on a wooden plate covered in special paper

- Baklawa and Maamoul is served on a dessert plate

The Mezze section will prepare the dessert orders in the order that they are received. Always check to see if any (hot) drink was ordered along with the dessert. Service will prepare any drinks while the Mezze section plates the dessert.

Pick up the desserts, along with any drinks, on a tray. Deliver them to the guests and make sure to discuss and explain the dessert while serving.

Serving dessert well is incredibly important: it is the last thing the guest experiences at Beiruti.

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