AskEmma - How to explain to guests

AskEmma is the system we use for guests to order their dishes, both take-away and dine-in. Guests may not be familiar with the system, so it is essential that we explain it in a clear and kind way.

Have you already tried ordering through the system yourself?

Scan the QR code on your phone, open AskEmma and try to make an order. Once you have seen how easy it is, you will be more confident to explain it to the guests.

How to explain the system to guests

Guests should never be left with their phone without any explanation about the system we use. This makes them feel unwelcome and isn't according to our standards.

Give guests the explanation when you serve them their complementary drinks. This way they are not lost at any moment.

Point out the QR code and explain that all they need to do is to scan it. Then a whole menu, complete with pictures and explanations, will appear on their screen.

Point out the language options at the top of the screen.

Once this is done, explain the different sections in the menu and relate them to the sections in the restaurant.

Don't forget to mention our menus and always try to sell our larger menus. We want to steer them towards these to give them the best experience.

At the end, they can add their desired items to the basket and send their order to the kitchen.

Explain the benefits of paying directly online, as well as our loyalty program (Purples Points) that we use to reward our loyal customers.

Before you leave, let the guest know that you are there for them if they have any questions. If you see a guest struggling with the system, make sure to offer them advice and assistance if necessary.

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